Newmarket Development - 24:94 - Cambourne Exiles

Cambourne Exiles arrived with 16 players after earlier in the week struggling to get a full 15 but the hope of having a full team was short lived as Newmarket could only muster 10 players. Cambourne loaned three willing players to Newmarket to make it 13 a side. Cambourne got into their stride very quickly and started to rack up the tries, but the occasional lack of concentration allowed Newmarket to score.

Cambourne continued to push strongly with all their players giving 100% for the full 80 minutes allowing them to amount their biggest score in the club history [tbc!]. Credit has to go to the Newmarket team for completing the full 80 minutes and to Sam Ruffles and Shaun Elliott for playing the full match for Newmarket with Shaun receiving the MOM drink for being the best player on the pitch.

Tries were scored by D Clifton 4, R Cox 2, J Cox 2, E Smith 2, M Woolfe 1, C Wallis 1, A Jenkins 1, C Lees 1.

Conversions, M Lisher 12

Report - Mark Lisher