Cambourne vs Ely 2, 2017/18 County Cup

Cambourne Exiles - 17:43 - Ely 2

Cambourne hosted Ely 2nd team in the regional cup competition, a Second team that was heavily boosted by first team members. Cambourne hasn't played Ely or a number of years as they had been promoted into the league above, a league that they are doing very well in. Cambourne braced themselves for a hard game.

The game started and continued for a protracted period of time in the first half with both teams struggling to get the upper hand. Neither attacking line could break the other teams defence. Special mentions should go to Luke Hurst, Josh Cox and Jack Mills, for numerous crunching tackles. It was heard at one point an Ely player saying "it's like playing against a brick wall". Finally the stalemate was broken unfortunately by Ely taking advantage of a knock on and scoring a try. Cambourne immediately replied with a try with a returning player Harry Mills. Harry has been on a six month around the world trip and his presence on the pitch has been missed. Russel Whitby score the conversion. The afternoon continued with good end-to-end Rugby. Further scores from both sides saw the first half ending with the first half score closing at 12:21 to Ely.

After a half time talk from Captain Ryan Cox, Cambourne came out guns blazing immediately with Tom Fuller scoring a characteristic 50 meter charge down the pitch, doing an Ashton dive for the line. At this point Mickey Woolfe was brought onto the pitch, which boosted the Scrum, that dominated the Ely scrum for the rest of the game. But alas Cambourne could not use this to their advantage and the Final score was Cambourne 17 : Ely 43.

Man of the Match this week was Keith Robinson for relentless hard work all over the pitch.

Report - Chris Wallis