Cambourne vs Shelford 5, 2017/18

Cambourne Exiles - 38:0 - Shleford 5

After Cambourne's narrow win in December, Shelford came to the home of Cambourne Rugby for a return fixture. Shelford were out for revenge! Shelford having had their league fixture cancelled against Cantabs had won the League by default, so were also on high, and their sizable team in numbers and bulk started to warm up very early.

Shelford clearly didn’t factor in that the Exiles have now turned their season around and had been prepared by coach Chris Wallis, for a returning team with revenge in mind. The game started with Shelford’s very large pack throwing themselves at the Cambourne’s defence, time after time with no effect. Shelfords frustration started to show and they started to make mistakes. A metaphorical cry went out from Cambourne “Shall We Begin!!” Cambourne seized the moment to turn on the rugby master class, to which Shelford had no answer to. Shelford started to concede try after try. To note Tom Fuller from the wing turned on the speed twice, covering 60 meters on both occasions to swan dive for a brace of trys. Nick Seal once again working hard all over the pitch, having his efforts rewarded with a brace of trys, and Lee Cook’s monstrous tackles, leaving more than one Shelford player in a pile, wincing on the floor.

The second half started the same as the first had finished. With Shelford having no answer to Cambournes attacking play, nor its defence. Clive Lees doing his characteristic bull dozer down the pitch and solid work in the line out. Ryan Cox (Captain) making the hard yards with dogged determination. Luke Hurst, Chris Harlow and Tom Fullers as a back three savage in defence and making their pace felt in attack. Andy Soer making his long awaited return to the game had a stormer, making big hits and some sweet straight running, clearly back to form.

Final score: Cambourne 38 v Shelford 0

Man of the Match this week was Lee Cooke for his massive tackles, conversions from distance and hard all over the pitch.

Tries : Tom Fuller 2, Nick Seal 2, Chris Harlow, Oz Christie

Conv : Lee Cook 4,

Report - Chris Wallis